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Organic Spinach, Chard, Salads Delivered

We have been growing organic vegetables since 2006 and supplying you via local shops and box schemes and farmers markets like Lewes. Now you can buy them online shipped to you the same day they're cut.

We offer salads including mixes, rocket and land cress plus spinach and chard. They're £2.00 per 200g bag. Availability varies with the seasons. Currently we have rocket and purslane, salad and cucumbers. To choose what you want simply click on the item you want below to be taken to our shopify cart



sussex organic chillis

We grow Apache, Cayenne and Thai Chillis as well as other curry ingredients such as Kaffir Lime or Laksa leaves. You can buy different amounts of mixed chillis here. At present we have twilight, apache, lemond drop, pot black and jalapeno chillis in stock. But we will have a fuller range as the summer progresses and the plants are ready for harvest. More on our chilli page here

sussex organic spinach

You can buy Spinach in 200 g bags. We also do a mix made up of Spinach and Kale and a stir fry mix. These are available most of the year and at present we have some in stock as well as bags of chard on their own - a vegetable that has more body than the spinach. Cavolo Nero will be available on its own shortly and a wider range of kales for juicing etc is available in the winter months. If you want juicing quantities please go to our juicing page - for smaller quantities choose from the selection below.

This is a box of mixed leaves according to what's available this week.

The pack costs £10 plus £4 shipping and is packed to keep the leaves fresh. We pick and ship the same day so you can enjoy the produce at its best. So choose the one you like best from the pictures below.

"My friend said the greens were still chilled, very fresh, and a nice selection
 of good sized bags.  Thank you very much!  Priscilla Palmer" 

We have also a summer vegetable range which includes tomatoes, courgettes, summer squash, cucumbers, garlic and a few onions but naturally these summer products are not available in January.

You can download our seasonal availability chart here.





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